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Darian, 16


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I thought Zach in Amber’s sweater and hipster glasses was as sexy as he could get.

But damn he’s proved me wrong with his white button up, bow tie, and rose.

Like please date me.

Or date Frankie.

I’ll take either.

Frankie. Ask Zach to sleep with you in HOH. Like. Do it. Now.


Someone shoot me plz 😍🌹🔫


I love Zach but, Victoria cutting up his hat doesn’t make me dislike her.  If anything that’s a smart game move. She has to align herself with the people who she knows are going to stay in the house.  Just because somebody does something against your favorite player doesn’t mean you should instantly hate them.

How TF is cutting up a hat a game move?! Lmfao that HAS TO be a JOKE


I can’t wait until Zach is in AllStars with people who like him I’m tearing up at the though :’)

LMFAO at Christine calling Nicole a floater! Does she not realize her own game?

Watching Zach pack is breaking my heart 😭


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RANT 286

Ariana Grande’s brother always talks to Zach like he’s a child! If anyone should be treated like a child it’s Ariana Grande’s brother, the 31 year old that acts like he’s fucking 15.

Everytime Zach tries to have an open, honest conversation, he’s shot down and is basically told “You’re a horrible person. Everything is your fault. Go fuck yourself”

I love Zach, and I understand he’s not this super innocent angel as some people like to think, but he’s a good kid and has done NOTHING to derserve the way some of the houseguest treat and talk about him. Derrick, Cody, Caleb, Christine, and Victoria (I’m not sure about Ariana Grande’s brother) have all made comments about wanting to physically hurt Zach. Cody constantly talks about how he wants to break Zach’s jaw. And Christine and Victoria literally had a conversation about cutting his balls off and getting people to beat him up… Like WTF!

And I just love Donny for trying to help Zach help himself. Zonny is just so great I’m going to miss it so much.

I’m so tired off these houseguest claiming Zach is the horrible person as if they don’t listen to themselves (and we all know Frankie loves to hear himself talk). At this point I kind of just want Zach in jury so he won’t have to deal with these people, but I know that if he’s gone I’m going to miss seeing his face everyday :(

Perfect scenario

Zach walks out to Julie on Thursday.

Gets the biggest applause anyone has gotten all season.

He answers questions and watches his goodbyes.

And then when he turns back to Julie she’s holding a new pink hat.

He’s super duper happy and is told he has the chance to get back in the game.

He somehow beasts it and wins the buy back.

Then shows up back in the house like WASSUP MOTHA FUCKAS!